The magic of a DINE4SIX experience is dining with people you haven't met yet who quickly become friends, in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

But, sometimes, you might want to bring a friend along to share the experience, and we've made it easy for you to do so!

When you make a booking for your seat, we give you the option to 'ADD ANOTHER SEAT'. This allows you to select a second ticket option, and add additional dietary requirements for that second person.

To complete the booking, we ask you for the PLUS ONE DETAILS so we can email the additional guest with their booking confirmation and event details.

And now you and your plus one can enjoy the DINE4SIX social dining experience together!

Please be conscious that the enjoyment of our DINE4SIX events is meeting new people, so we encourage diners to only book one additional seat (our system is designed to prevent more than 2 seats per booking). If it's determined that diners have booked more than 2 seats per event, we might have to cancel your booking in consideration of others. Thank you!

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