We believe there is something still special in real world, personal connections. That spark and excitement that comes from talking to people and sharing stories. 

"A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet."

DINE4SIX was conceived from that belief. And what better way to start bringing people together than over something as traditional and enjoyable like a dinner. 

DINE4SIX curates and organises dining events for a table of 6 with a close and growing network of restaurants and chefs that not only offer a warm and comfortable environment to socialise, but also a menu that is a unique and a delight to enjoy.

Why 6? We believe that 6 is a number that makes the social experience intimate but also varied. Any more and you won't be able to join all the conversations and get to know everyone around your table well enough.

So are you ready to join the next evolution in social dining and start meeting new people? Sign-up today and we look forward to hosting you at our next DINE4SIX event!  

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